A creative calling

Hey, I’ve been meaning to create another FREE information product for ya! You can download many of them at my Scribd Page.

1. With regards to your Creative Business, what FREE product would

you LOVE for me to create *just* for you?

2. What is your biggest fear or frustration when it comes to

your Creative Business?

3. What’s your ideal *perfect* outcome when you start to create?


  1. I sent your note about my son's sermon to him as encouragement. Thanks for that. hmmm... as to your questions -

    1. Well I can't think of a perfect product - I wish I could make a web site and make it me. Someday I will do that when I can hire someone.

    2. I find myself either flying high if I have just done a good post or finished a product for sale or painting, but I also experience the lows if I am behind or feeling unproductive, or nothing sells that I think is awesome. It is a constant and I have not found a balance yet...

    3. I love it when I feel like I am worshipping when I create.


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