the confidence an OPEN DOOR births

It all appeared to be completely random, but I’m a believer and I know, like I know today is Monday, that ain’t nothing random. Not one thing in our life is random, yes, we make choices. We choose to step to the right or to the left, it is within that choice that our destiny begins to unfold. And so it begins. A visit to the doctors office with a close family friend. My almost obsessive desire to read, every single magazine, in any doctors office, that has fallen into the grace of my company. Due to my prior life of reading every single magazine in any given doctors office visit, so I could decide which one I was going to steal. Yes, a little serial single copy magazine thief was I. This is my trash. This is me exposing my trash to you. I just opened the super black bag and now, even you can peep in. So, while fiercely reading an not so ancient article in Southern Living, my curiosity is peaked about Lowe’s and Rosenwald Schools. The article had a photography spin to it. The article stated just how many schools are left in the south. My interest is yet peaked again. So there I am in the doctor’s office, ripping out (so as not to steal) the entire article from this not so ancient issue of Southern Living. Article safely in the O so little purse, I am now super eager to get home to my Internet connection for more digging. After the digging, I start calling and one of my calls, leads me to the very place. A Rosenwald School, right here in my town. Camera in hand, off we go. I could feel the history of the ground, as I stood there, soaking in all that GOD had done in one day. An education of a life time by 2pm. HE set before me an open door, that no man could shut. An open doorway to a path of a life filled overflowing by the journey of an opening  without a door. That no man can shut, even with all of our trash. Do you get it? Jesus loves you in spite of your trash. Amen.
This photograph will be available soon for purchase as a metallic fine art print.


  1. Opened Door is the title of my blog,'ve prompted me to tell the story behind that. I made a scrapbook page of it the day I opened the door and set up the blog...
    an open door no man can shut...
    amen, sista!


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