The Art of perfect timing

The gals over at Spring Inspiration ask so many questions, their minds are always a wondering about something. And, with that kind of audacity , I'm happy to give em some answers. This month, their focus is on creativity and today their question is not as easy to answers as one might think. Here's the question: Have you ever been surprised by your creativity? My answer to this question is a quick, in your face NO. I have never, not for one day been surprised by my creativity. Why you say? Because I come from a long line of creative peeps. Although my Granddad was a share cropper, he was the only share cropper renting a house (in the early thirties) he purchased. My extended family still lives in this house today! Now, that's creativity, wouldn't you say. 

When ever I or someone else questions my creativity, I look back at my roots, at where I really came from, not just where I was born. I can still hear the snap of the green beans, my Granddaddy grew, that my Grandmother cook all day on Saturday for a Sunday feast. 

I will say, although I am not surprised by my creativity in general, I have been surprised by the timing of creativity and how often our visions, ideas and plans are way ahead of their time. I believe this is a positive side affect of creativity. So, create  develop, fall completely into what seams to others as crazy plans and schemes, cause one day YOU Will pull em out of the old portfolio or flat file and someone will just stand their in utter amazement at your O so perfect timing.


  1. I loved hearing about your family. Your grandfather sounds like he was a very intelligent and wise man.

  2. Another great Spring into Action post! Really enjoyed learning more about your creative family.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful story. Creativity is a wonderful thing, I think mostly because in the end it does surprise us.


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