Sneak Peek Friday-Sept 3

It has been an awesome week. The Bond and Respond quilt project is going great!

Thanks to my FATHER, I've been able to complete the first issue of  Inspired Studios Magazine and I'll be uploading it to MagCloud this weekend.
I finally, burnt (back-up) dump my computer desktop and my camera.
And ... there's this broken lawn mower ...


  1. Wow! It will be fun to check out your magazine. It definitly isn't an easy task, but it sure is fun to see it all finished. (I've made 3 through MagCloud called Touched Creatively, but had to stop since it was so much work and I didn't have enough time for my own creating and time with family.) Good luck to you! It's very exciting!

  2. WOW... you have been one busy girl! How exciting to have gotten so much accomplished! The quilt looks like it is going to be so beautiful. Oh, I wish I could sew. :) It is SO neat that you are making your own magazine! Thank you for joining in and showing us all the *wonderful* things you are up to!

  3. Sonya, I KNOW you have been hard at work all week...I love that you paused to give a little sneak peak into your space! I can't wait for the finished work of Inspired Studios! And your photo of the broken lawn mower made me laugh...isn't that life?? HA!

  4. Your magazine looks like it is going to be so wonderful!

    I hope you get your lawn mower fixed -- I hate it when things break!

  5. wow, some wonderful things you are working on! how exciting! thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to check out your magazine. :)


  6. Aaah..thanks so much for visiting my place earlier Sonya. Lovin' the quilts, and what a wonderful project to be putting together your own magazine. Regret seeing the broken lawn mower..sure hope you get it back up and running. Sure enjoyed my visit this week! :)) Have a wonderful Labor Day! Hugs, Terri

  7. You are quite the busy girl ... I don't know how you do it all! good luck with all of your projects on the go!


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