I wonder if the dirt knows ...

The postman arrived today with a paycheck, in the form of a magazine. Wrapped in some see though plastic. I am so excited and thankful, all at the same time. Dreams do come true!

I am super behind in Holly's e-class, I got eight pages of today's lesson printed, and then NO ink. This is a super awesome class, and when you get the chance to take it, you should dive, right in.

When a seed is planted it NEEDS much to grow. Yet none of us really know for sure, exactly what motivates the bud to just burst open one day in a bloom. Is it the fresh spring air of support? Is it daily sun bathing. Or could it be that sunless day of rest. Or maybe it's the surprise of an unexpected long summer shower. But we so often forget about the weight of the dirt, that holds the seed in it's place and provides nutrition without doing a thing. I wonder if the dirt knows, the importance of it's job. The dirt is the plenty, the powerful, the placeholder, the peeps. Are you the dirt? 

Found this fabric (in the photo) to use as the ground for the Bond and Respond quilt project. Getting lots of shots to share with you for the reveal. Marianne got a treat coming her way!

Thanks ... Sonya La


  1. Looking forward to getting my needles on that quilt top.
    Oh and did you see me in Class? Yup...I'm taking Holly's class too. It's great and overwhelming all at the same time.
    The dogs ate my homework :(

  2. So true Sonya. Loved my mag! Congratulations on making dreams come true girl!


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