The ground is nothing BUT fair

on a little spot of land in Tennessee; where the ground is always fair, I learned to dig my family as they were. And what they were is large, very large. Back in the day, every large family had a garden, out back. And my family was only different in that, both sides of our family lived on the same street. We called this double garden duty, cause we had to pull weeds or pick greens, not once but twice. After harvesting all that we could from the family garden spot, Granddaddy would till and turn the soil one more time, for a bed of winter greens, he would plant right now, while the soil is still, warm as snuff. My Granddaddy was Pops to thirteen children and his grandchildren numbered, thirty or more. How does one man, find that one special quality in each grandchild with so many, under foot ... I don't know, but he did. And what he saw, you saw and what he saw in me was my love of plain old dirt. So out in the garden, we would be ... just him and me. 

Pops garden rules, began with being extremely aware of your environment and his most prized garden advice ... plant in any month, that has an R in it's name. This is standard garden theory 101. But exercise some caution here, and pay close attention to some natural clues. Become more like a seed pod and plant more than one seed, plant many and then and only then; expect rain, cause if you just planted one seed, the rain is sure to wash it away. If you want pretty green grass in the spring, plant it now. If you want a pretty flower garden next year, plant it now. If you want a thriving business, next year ... plant the seeds NOW for a spring harvest, and then be patient, cause the bloom come before the green.


  1. really EXCELLENT CONNECTIONS between gardening and business. I have been seriously considering starting my own container garden on my patio for this VERY REASON.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Sonya! loving meeting a new artist! the way you write is very down-to-earth and is very inviting. i will be keeping up with you and your blog :)

    with heart,
    rita maria

  3. what kind of greens did your granddaddy plant this time of year? And what kind of business seeds might you plant now? Got me thinking.


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