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a painting from 7th grade, a doll given to me by my first customer, little doll given to me
 years later and some curtain fabric.

I am super loving this BYW e-course with Holly and Leslie. These peeps have some good teacher DNA, the course work is presented in a totally different fashion from Kelly Rae's. Holly as well as Leslie, like for things to be real pretty, some girlie girls, I would say. I tried super hard to get into this e-course, over the winter, but I failed to meet the sign up deadline, due to funding. Now that I'm in this course, and loving it, I'm super thankful, that I took FlyN lessons first, because this type of instruction is needed, weather we blog or not. After the FlyN Lessons e-course, I really wanted to jump into some hands on creative projects, that have been waiting for me for some time now. But with, zero income and a mortgage, I knew as much as I wanted to paint, I needed to create a source of income for my children and myself.

When I opened my portfolio, there to my wondering eyes, were magazines I created years ago, not one but three magazine, layouts and all. My daughter, Lillian has what the public school system terms a severe learning disability, she is unable to process words with multiple meanings (sun/son).

One super hot July day, more than two years ago, I quit the best JOB, I've ever had, all in one day. I worked at a daily newspaper, at night ... which all to often, ran into mourning. My children, would get out of school at 3PM and I had to be at work at 3PM ... everyday at 3PM by heart broke, until one day, I simply had no heart. Working nights for years in the publishing industry, is a super tough job, working nights for years in the publishing industry as a single Mother is death as I would put the paper to bed, at 2AM and get my children ready for school at 6 AM.  .... to be continued


  1. so happy you are doing what YOU needed to do. excited to hear more about your new ecourse. thanks for stopping by today to enter the giveaway! =)



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