Blogging Your Way & Homework

This is my red color story home work from the Blogging Your Way E-Class, and boy was this assignment a challenge, but since I have more red stuff then I know what to do with. Here we are, just a few more home work assignments and this girl is done. As usual, I started a little backwards and just so you know, my close to final assignment is the first assignment. Do you have an assignment, you are struggling with?


  1. Love red. trying to find quiet time in the morning to hear my assignments. I've been hit hard right on target with what I need to be doing. God has sent me some zinger of late.
    nice to see your work,

  2. I'm so behind in an online art class I am taking with Wyanne. You are not alone:) I was a much better student when I was a child. I feel so guilty when I get behind! We'll catch up!


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