Working it out

When I think about how angry I was, when I first found out; my children were set to be bused, across town, just like all the others, right pass brand new schools, oh man did I do a complete Sonya Show out, lights, action, cameras, the works ... then came the Sonya Settle down & an open mind and heart. I decided in my heart, it did not matter if the School Board cared little, it did not matter if the county cared little. I knew HE cared and that was more than enough. 

We are active members in our neighborhood Church, we can get there by foot, if need be and come to find out, many of our Church youth attend this school, my children are being bused to!

Then, on Monday, I met the principle. His name is Bob Horn. He is from my home town. We attended High School together. This is no coincidence, this is how HE is always working N what seams to be the background of our lives. What are you angry about, that HE has already worked out?


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