Why I've Never been Married & my age

I'm 47 and I've Never been Married; cause I'm an ALL or NOTHING kind of a gal. With this in mind the deadline for this Bond & Respond Quilt project has been extended 4 more time 2 have more FUN. I want to Thank every single FlyN Friend on Facebook for your patience with me on this journey. Yep, I need your help to get the word out, so every one who wants to will have a chance to contribute. For the not sewers of the group, please consider a fabric print! Maybe, if you do jewelry only, consider printing your Logo or a photo of yourself to be included on the quilt. When printing your work on fabric, contain it to  8X8 square and mount it on a 12X12 fabric square and send it. Get creative with it, consider fabric glue or iron it on. This printer fabric can be found at places like Jo Ann's, Hobby Lobby's and that Mike place. While you guys are creating, I will be stalking the class list, reaching out to everyone that has e-mail, FB or Twitter.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea Sonya! I'd love to participate, when do you want it by?


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