Sneak Peak Friday

It's been a rough week, I don't have many words ...

but, I promised Jennifer at StudioJRU, to participate in Sneak Peak Friday

I've found myself on this side of the studio way, way too much this week .....

I'm still waitN on HIM 2 reveal 2 me, how 2 proceed with 180 of these ...

I'm behind on this Kenya Water Relief Book, some Mission friends from my Church ...
 have been N service to this Masai Tribe for several years ...


  1. I'm sorry you've had a rough week but it's nice to meet you too. I've had a hard week too sio we are in it together:)Sweet photos.

  2. Hi Sonya..I'm just thankful to have found your lovely site! Hi..I'm Terri from Dimples & Dragonflies. So pleased to meet you. It's just wonderful connecting today with so many creative souls through Jennifer's Friday Linkup. I look forward to getting to know you better. Love the photograph posted today..

    Hugs of Sunshine,

  3. Glad to have 'met' you! I'm sorry your week was tough. I look forward to seeing more of your work on Sneak Peek Fridays :)


  4. love your first two pics...and thought your flower was a perfect depiction of how you probably feel right now. alive, but a bit wilted, but still with your face to the sun. lovely and real.

  5. So sorry you had a tough week! We all have them. I love your photos... many times they speak the words that we just can not seem to find. I must say I *love* your business card... it is fantastic!!

    I am so happy you joined us anyway. I look forward to seeing what you are up to in the upcoming Friday's! :)

  6. Hey Sonya ... I hope that you have a better week next week. I just mailed off my quilt square to you today ... hopefully you will be receiving it before your August 27th deadline!

  7. I'm glad you participated. Love to get to know you better. Hope we get to see the quilt.


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