Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks- Megan

I don't know how she did it! It feels like we just chatted the other day. I received Megan's quilt block via the regular postal service today. It is so sweet, I love the frog, and the bird. I am so super excited about this quilt. While attempting to e-mail everyone on the class list last week, I found some FlyN Friends, who knew nothing of the project. There are so many who are not active in our FB FlyN Community. I really, really want everyone to have the opportunity to be involved, if they want to. With that said, the deadline for the Bond & Respond Quilt project for Kelly Rae Roberts has been extended. In this Tennessee heat, I'll be stalking the postman for quilt blocks from Monica, Jenna, Nancy, Paula, Debbie, Julie & Jill ... to name a few! Would you like to add your block to the quilt? Find instructions here.


  1. Hey there ... just received your email invitation for the quilt tonight. I've been on holidays the past few weeks and totally missed this! Thanks for finding me and letting me know about this amazing project!

  2. this quilt is going to be fantastic when it is finished! I love seeing the blocks as they come in.

  3. So glad you are reaching out to folks. That in itself is an inspiration. I'm following up on your links to people you've contacted, so thanks for posting them.

  4. Just looking at some of the blocks...and read that you extended the deadline?? Really? If so, great! I really want to send my block, but need tomorrow still. Let me know.
    Linda T


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