Secrets of the travelN quilts blocks - Louise Gale

I'm in total love with this quilt block and I've yet to lay my eager little hands on it. Louise Gale of The Creative Color Challenge, was kind enough to e-mail me this photo in advance of it getting here for coffee, before it's moved around with all the others, like a big soft puzzle pieces, so the light and the darks, can begin to create some contrast and the different weights of the fabrics create some balance. I just can't wait to pull em all together and see how much they compliment one another, like an old couple, married longer than they've been apart. Kinda, like in those first few class sessions, when we all had so many questions and we soon discovered, we all had the very same question and you knew, if you didn't get a chance to ask Kelly, someone else would. In case you haven't heard, Kelly's First e-class student are making a quilt for the soon Mother to be. The reponce has been wonderful and I'm sure we will be mailing her an awesome quilt. While we are waiting for the others to arrive, you may still have time to jump in ... speed stitching and or painting a quilt block.


  1. love your enthusiasm for the quilt.
    on my blog--making dye from plants. I think I do remember Martha doing something. maybe I should look on her site. love martha, have been a big fan for years.

  2. What a cool project, and love Louise's piece!

  3. That is so clever and wonderful. doubt I will get to help though. oh well... love the sentiments you voiced on my blog.
    Have a blessed weekend!


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