A secret revealed!

Did you know that dragons are symbolic of creative power and wisdom? I sure didn’t, not until I received a hand painted quilt block from Suzanna Leigh. Suzanna’s quilt block is gorgeous , it contains a silk hand painted inset of a baby dragon, painted with permanent fabric paint. Wow!

Lat week; as we traveled to our annual family reunion by car; I began to consider the many routes each family must travel to arrive at one destination, and one appointed time. I began to consider the preparation for travel and the choice of transportation. I began to consider the gathering of children from moments of play to meet and great cousins, they only see once or twice a year.

Then; my thoughts settled on this Bond & Respond Quilt project and the many turns a quilt block must travel before it arrives at its final destination. Each quilt block starts on this journey the same way; as an idea, a single though of participation. And, each quilt block has a story to share. I want to read, each and every story. I want to see each and every block. I want Kelly to be able to wrap herself or her new baby in our love and thanks.

Ironically, the deadline is August 9th, the same day my children go back to school. I secretly want to ask Anna to design the quilt I am to sew, but I need sixty two more blocks. Will you create one? Will you send one? If you have any questions and or concerns, e-mail me @ sonyamacdesigns@gmail.com or sonyamacdesigns .@yahoo.com


  1. Thanks Sonya for working on this wonderful project!!!

  2. Sonya, love that gorgeous dragon! Truely an amazingly project. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. I hope you will post the squares as you get them & the finished product so we can all get to see it too! I am not too good at sewing so I will try to look into the fabric print option for you!


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