Many stories bound as one

We all hold so many secrets, so many secrets, so close to our hearts ... we hold em in there and coddle em like new born babies and then when the spill comes, we let it lose on the world or our family and friends, like a great named waterfall ... and then sometimes the tears, just won't come ... cause there's much work to do, a magazine to build, or a stack of canvas to paint, or a quilt to sew. This quilt, will represent so many stories, so many triumphs, defeats and victories and so many fears. I've been super tearful at the sewing machine lately ... my sewing adventures, began at birth ... then my sewing adventures ended with the death of my sweet, sewing Mother ... she's been gone more than twelves years and each year, I'm able to sew a little more and I feel one big sewing celebration coming on and yes, I am so blessed to gather, knowing my someday is on it's way, my someday when I can buy five yards of fabric and not cry ... Maybe I'll even sew on a SUNDAY.


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