Happy 2 gather

Inspired by an e-mail from Suzanna Leigh, I began to create this note ... I am super excited about the FlyN Friends quilt blocks traveling from many homes to my home in TENNESSEE (US) for coffee, then as one they will fly (fed-X) to Marianne's RuffHaven for Dinner & late night dancing & more coffee, then on to Kelly's new house, they will go, ... to be savored like dessert .... I am but the gatherer.


  1. Oh sounds like a nice project that will be touched/graced by many talented & wonderful hands...good luck with the collaboration:D

    Hope your having a wonderful summer Sonya, and thanks again so much for hopping over to visit me at my spot, your recent comment is sooo appreciated...espeacially now when commenting seems to have slowed right down.

    Be well & sending hugs, Mandy


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