Tennessee Tea Time

Yes, It's tea time for me in Tennessee. I have lots of new Facebook friends and one I noticed  jLow creates the most wonderful tea spoons. Just the thought of a special teaspoon for tea time, helped me to slow the pace a bit today, to enjoy more moments of the sounds of water as I worked. Had to get an early start,  there's so much to do. Celebrated my son's birthday yesterday and my daughter's last week. We still have two big events to attend, before we can start to wind this summer thing down. Ragweed season has begun and it ain't fun. I've been busy reading Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Class Journal and Confessions Of a First Timer written by Khristian A. Howell. Both journals are beautifully written, chucked full of inspiration, and resources. Now, that I've read em both ... and experience the purchasing process, I'm busy authoring a series of my own. How are you winding down summer 2010?


best all time