Notes of Faith N the Garden - Confident

Well it's almost August again. Well it's almost time for most children to go back to school. Well that old apple tree is full of red and green apples again. Well that crape myrtle is back to sprinkling soft hot pink confetti all over the yard again. Well, well, well ... is there a pattern here, do I here a rhythm or a beat. I have experienced some heart changing events over the last few days which have blessed my spirit in a unique and special way. For such a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me, mainly because everyone I knew told me so ... you're too sensitive ... too emotional ... you love too deeply. Now that my children are older ... they watch for the swelling of the nose before the flood of tears, when someone or something touches my heart. There it is again the abundance of tears, tears for the children who know hunger as a friend. I've been weeping for them for so many years and now thur the most amazing power of the Holy Spirit, I may have some answers for my tears. What have I said yes to, I don't really know, but the list goes something like this. Build a website for a church in Africa ... Create a photo book - Kenya Water Ministry and I met this woman earlier this year. I'm saying yes to Africa. Cape Town or Kenya. Yes, to the tears of yesterday. No to the fears of today. Yes, I'm emotional, yes, I love deeply, yes, I'm too sensitive. Yes, I can CRY you a river. For some time now, I've know ... without one single doubt ... there ain't nothing wrong with me and my tears. Humbly Confident


  1. So beautiful Sonya! You go girl!!

  2. Thanks for checking out my latest post Sonya. i am too VERY sensitive. i have a hard exterior but its because just below the surface is a volcano of emotion and i can go through a box of kleenex in no time flat. i used to hide my sensitivity but im learning to embrace it! ;-)Glad to hear from you...keep in touch!


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