Mission Monday quilt news

Well it's Mission Monday again & I have some AWESOME news about our global quilt project for baby Roberts. One of my classmates from the O so famous Kelly Rae Roberts e-course has committed to binding & quilting our top. She is a quilting jewel and more. In my mailbox (postal) today, I got some junk mail, some bills, and our 1st quilt block, I have cataloged it and I am ready & waiting for more! This quilt block (photo below) was designed, constructed and mailed with love & care by Mary-Michael Hanbury. The workmanship is on point ... it is just absolutely beautiful! You still have time to Bond & Respond to Kelly Rae Roberts generosity with us. Yes, we are prepared to make it a two sided quilt if necessary. All quilt blocks must be received by August 9, 2010. I will keep you posted as to the status of our project here.  Find instructions here. Happy ...  FlyN


  1. Ok Sonya now I am nervous! ;-) That is beautiful - this is my first attempt in making a quilt square - I hope I do ok.

    Beautiful job Mary! How exciting. Cant wait to share mine.

  2. Sonya you're organizing such a lovely project. I have been contemplating my block for days while I recover from my wisdom tooth surgery. I will do my best to provide a square. happy creations from germany, tj


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