Mission: 2 Create a Quilt ............................ Inspired by Anna 4 Kelly

Truth be told ... I have some sheroes & two of them are online. I just finished a five week e-course with one - Kelly Rae Roberts & the other (Anna) I am hopeN to sew a skirt with later this year - Anna Marie Horner.  Anna is the mother of six children, three boys and three girls, her youngest son was born just last year. Now this K-rae girl is close to the same age as Anna & is expecting her first child this year. I've follow these two women via there blogs for years and they have been a source of constant inspiration for me, they invited me into their lives, homes and hearts via their blogs.
With her photos and words Anna reminded me how to be the Mom I never dreamt to be & Kelly encouraged me to be FREE to be me ... so I started dreaming, how cool, how great it would be for Kelly to hold a quilt (instructions) for her baby boy inspired by Another creative Super star Mom Anna ... SO WE begin on an uncharted course again .... where no man has gone b4 ... to be cont.


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