Me & My Dream Quilts

Years ago I had a Dream I dreamed of a fundraising project that would define and bond a community   as they stepped into a difficult leg of a journey of hope & faith. A journey which would take ten years, some would step to see our Lord during this journey and some would step up to Jesus.
     I dreamed of a quilt project, a fundraising project, A quilt of Common threads, threads everywhere, yet so common, we fail to recognize them, the threads of a screw which holds many things in place, from your car door to the thread on the toothpaste cap. The thread count of the bed-sheet implies how long it may or may not last. The higher the thread count the higher the price tag.
     A quilt of blind stitches, a blind stitch is hidden, obscure, from view, but a stitch indeed. Usually a blind stitch is a finishing stitch, one used on the hem of a pant leg or the binding of a blanket or quilt. Transparent to the human eye. Without the Blind stitches the frayed edges of the garment would be exposed to daily wear and tear.

Common Threads & Blind Stitches the Quilt

At the beginning of Kelly Rae Roberts Flying class I began to dream. Yes, I dreamed of a quilt again, this time ... a quilt pieced together, separate diverse blocks that became one block (the quilt) as our class did in the spring & summer of 2010. 

Bond & Respond 

While I was dreaming up this quilt project I read Anna's blog and found she too was working on a quilt project of her own, so I thought WHY NOT and here we are. This week Anna introduced Isabela's Argle Quilt Block Template and ETSY shares Anna's story. After only scanning the Etsy story, I quickly made a big mind boo, boo and compared myself and my dreams to these two women. Remember , Kelly warned us about this and I am happy to say I am in the process of recycling those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I have one of my many dream assignments (2 create a global quilt) 4 Kelly (our teacher who inspires), that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Find the quilting instructions here.  Will U help? 


  1. Hi Sonya! I am not a quilter, but I have been watching you shepherd this project and I cannot wait to see it revealed! Lovely post. xoxo Valerie

  2. Love the name Eastwind Productions, especially after reading the origin of the name.

    Blessings in your business, your creativity, your life.


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