Leaning N 2 the Whispers ... A Thank U Post

Thank You  Valerie ... I love all of your women friends on your Etsy site. On this day I was doing church via You Tube in search of encouragement, even after being there much of yesterday, I still found myself needing more, so much more and then YOU step in with this dedication and post. Just what I needed ... what a beautiful blessing you are and Thank you again for opening your heart and mind to ’Malika Loves Her Voice’ she's so much more than a song because her lips are firmly clinched, she's just old enough to know words can destroy, yet still young enough to encourage change at home and in her local community. The blue/teal background color is the same color of my studio floor! Kind of like the color of the Jamaican ocean, this color represents MORE, cause their always more ocean than shore. Yes! those big brown eyes are intense … she ain't laughing and she ain't singing in the dark. Your intuition is right on about this creative open eyed spirit, cause unlike our well know starlets of today, and even some of our profile pictures (including mine) Malika's hair is up in a pony tail ... cause most creative’s have little time for hair but wait I see, a lot of movement there & this movement is freedom. We are all super special folks and what a time we live in the right now when we can connect by this little thing called the Internet. Thankful.
Valerie UrSObeautiful2me


  1. I am grateful and honored by your spirit...

  2. Oh Sonya..what a lovely and inspiring Thank U Post..So meaningful..Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful post!! Thought I was the only one with my hair pulled up on top of my head all day while I paint. See that is my new excuse "creatives have little time for hair" I love that quote!!!

  4. lovely acknowledgement of someone who lifts you-great example for all of us

  5. Sonya... just loved reading your poetic and beautiful thank-you post.

    b e a u t i f u l words and art from you both!


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