The effort of 1 multiplied by the power of 10

Once again at the last minute, no second ... I ask to be included in Miss Vic's Blogger Mash UP, after all it started on my birthday, so why not ... did I get in ... YES, I did. I didn't even know what the theme was, I didn't care what the theme was ... I only knew, I wanted this very badly. Vic Smith is a full time blogger, photographer, design type of a gal. Yes, she is a go2 source for all things related to design, Etsy, vintage and more, so much more. Averaging 3-4 new posts a day, sfgirlbybay is a hostess to 10 – 12,000+ daily readers. Did you get that, daily readers. With that many readers one can create new words and she did. What's the word (blog-it-forward). This is an interactive post and yes, there is going 2 be a test.

1. Navigate to Google
2. In the search bar ... Type the words ... blog-it-forward
3. Directly under the search bar ... NOTE the number for the search results
4. STOP here & think ... long & hard ... if you have to.

5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 ... only Type the word ... Oprah

How she did create such awesome search results (physically) I don't know, but I luv & appreciate the power of numbers. So, I'm gonna run down the numbers for you to calculate later. 

1. 300+ bloggers
2. 10 blog post per day
3. 32 days

With these kinda of numbers, anything is possible, ALL from a twitter post & a BLOG.

Are you blogging?


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