Barn Hunting

Old barns cause my heart to wonder and go click & thump. I love them. Whenever, I see one that interest me. I pray to GOD to give me the opportunity to snap a quick pick before it's destroyed by modern man. As a single Mother, the resources are not always available for summer family vacations and we sometime have to get real creative around here to come up with some cheap on the run fun. Last summer I came up with a camping like adventure (without the tent) that I termed Barn Hunting and my children love it as did I. The summer is not over and I'm still praying that GOD will allow me to take my children to see the ocean. This week I'll be packing the kids off to Beech Bend for some water fun and Dolly Wood for a back to School Retreat. How are you and yours going to spend the Last Days of Summer?


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