Another Tempting Tuesday - Corn on the Cob

Summer time = summer fun = summer food. Oops , there's the problem. I ain't no body's cook but I have the desire to learn how to prepare, cook & grill, some tasty healthy food for my family and friends. Lately I've been inspired to do more, more of everything and that includes cooking & grilling. Grilling is somewhat harder to come by then cooking on the stove, since in one tangent moment of mine, I turned our charcoal grill into a planter. I wanted to try the Spicy corn on the Cob recipe from the August issue of Country Living Magazine but the spices they listed, I have not, I don't even know what they are. So, for now ... we are gonna go with the old school boiling method. Tell me what seasonal foods are you grubbing on this summer?


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