What HOME means 2 me

I too am participating in Victoria's Pin it forward event and 2day marks the day I am to share with the world, exactly What Home Means 2 me. I'm looking forward to Collage Clearinghouse post tomorrow & Tiff from SimplyModernMom handed me my challenge with a simply beautiful post yesterday, so let me get to it.
  Check out my Pin board at the pin spot to see more images of what Home means to me.

Home is Church on Sunday, every single day of the week,
a simple place of retreat, no stockings to wear, not a single burden or care ... just relax and simply be there.

Home is Sanctuary, the most private space, u gotta get there a place of peace & joy, enjoying the quiet noise of wonder so your inner spirit may soar.

Home is cornbread and grits, anything Sonya wants to fix no excuses, just some true Tennessee giving, picking tomatoes to share ... the true southern living.

Photo by http://www.moderustic.com/


  1. lovely post! thanks so much for joining in! i'm off to check out your pinboard!


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