Inspired by a Shed


This photo is of the north east corner of the studio. This is computer central. The studio is equipped with a Mac G4 tower, a Mac Mini, a PC laptop , a scanner, a large format printer, fax machine with intercom system, a DSLR camera with studio lights & tripod. This little studio is humming! We also have all of the necessary publishing software such as Quark and Adobe Illustrator. The computers are on a private network and we use AT&T internet service. GE touch security system & a private Business Insurance carrier. Summer Work Schedule has been adjusted to allow me time to enjoy these extra hot summer days with my son & daughter. The clean up of the little studio is almost complete. I am really enjoy n the new layout, it's makes the space work harder. The number of page hits for eastwindproductions has increased dramatically. Work n extra hard on the layout & design of Inspired Studios Magazine. I enjoyed the opportunity today to chat online with someone about Graphic Design & the talk inspired me to share more of exactly what it take to produce GOOD functional design. I worked for a major national newspaper publisher for more than six years ... for three years God blessed me to be an Ad Designer Production Manager and for the other 3 years I served as a Page Designer/Copy Editor & the person responsible for get n the entire paper to the press. WoW, there were many twelve hour shifts and I Thank God for my FREEDOM.


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