MY 100th post - A LookN 4ward ............... Blog Break Celebration


Gonna take some time to look back on this gift of life, so I can look forward with more meaning & purpose .... when this sonyamacdesigns spot returns on Monday July 5, 2010 ... I'll be shareN & giveN more. I'll be more transparent, so U can see me ..... Here's a tentative list to look forward to ... first of all I'll be shareN how U 2 can learn 2 listen 2 the voice of GOD in YOUR life ...  I'll be shareN pics of the new Rock the Ranch Renovation project (we'll be starting over with the completion of the bathroom renovation), I'll be shareN images of my work, I'll be giveN away some stuff ... I'll be shareN the how, when & what I've learned, & applied from this awesome Kelly Rae Roberts Flying class ... I'll be counting down the days to the publication of my first online magazine ... Inspired Studios ... a real page turner, that's just the beginning ... there is so much more ... single Mom of 2 ... working 4 HIM 2 inspire U.


  1. ooooohhhh, sounds like you have a lot in the works....sounds exciting!
    enjoy your break....i look forward to your return!


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