SEW N blocks - Monday Mission

Way back when, I once spoke to the O so famous Anna, about starting & running a creative business ... we are both locals to Middle Tennessee, she was so kind and gracious, now as a major force in quilting and blog n ... I stalk her blog on a regular for inspiration and to just see how she does it all with six children, that's right (6). So here is a SUPER shout out to ANNA and her quilting project for families in Middle Tennessee who lost their homes to floodingI am not so sure how I am gonna work this project in but since I have a sewing machine and a plenty of a scrap stash, I gonna at least think about it and maybe you should too. 


  1. thank you for your reply to me on Kelly Rae's flying lessons course. I have learnt that my creating time goes in spirals: I blog, and do computer stuff and other work, and then when I have a show or something coming up I go into intense making mode - which hopefully I will be doing soon. I guess my art website needs updating but I'll have to do that another time. Thanks for the advice.

    6 kids???!!! Oh my goodness, no way!



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