little RANCH news ~ A HOT mess


The days this summer are extremely HOT and the nights vary, after all we are in Tennessee. In the early evening yesterday, the winds gathered and danced so we were reminded of who and whose they are, yes it was freighting, and this single Mom gathered her children like ..... The cool air blew in like a song and the HOT air moped out like an old hymn and we were left with a beautiful cool spring night. The perfect weather for pruning the GIANT wisteria vine in our backyard, This is our fifth spring here at the little ranch and our fifth year renovating this little ranch on a shoestring budget. We started the renovating process by removing seven layers of wallpaper, the wallpaper removal was delayed by a super clogged sewer pipe, a broken ankle in the spring of 2006 & the sickness and passing of my Dear Dad the day after Thanksgiving and oh I worked from 3PM until ... designing, copy editing and processing a daily newspaper ... 3PM was the official rip time ... for my heart.


best all time