Inspired by COLOR & COPYrights


Some things you just can not copyright, like this antique Bolivian poncho (hangs in the studio) that I purchased with my employee discount more than 15 years ago while working at Scarlett Begonia in Nashville close to Vanderbilt University. When surfing the Internet it is extremely important to use our resources wisely. GO TO THE ORIGINAL source or statue to find the truth. Such as information on copyrights. I have a really nice logo for my company Eastwind Productions, but I doubt you've seen it, unless me or someone else has shared my biz. card or biz stationary with you, I am careful when and how I publish it, since I have not allocated the funds for a Trademark ... When I started my business, more than seven years ago, a Trademark Application was a few thousand dollars ... Boy, have thing changed, now you can file that application for less than the cost of an Ipad. If you're busy online or you're planning to start a biz or launch a new product, it is best to have some basic knowledge of Copyrights and Trademarks.


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