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Think n bout getting back to the bathroom remolding project, it was halted due to the busted HOT water pipe =  flooded CRAWL space = NO hot water = call to the insurance folks = clean up and dry out via men crawl n the crawl space, which somehow, I don't know HOW  =  busted waste pipe = more cleaning drying & NO WATER = 15 plus no water days = stinky children = 1 unhappy mom  =  & resulted in a SUPERsized water bill ... Then the real flood came with water that only HE can turn on and OFF ... life is good and there is always MORE ... expect more, if your breathing. 


  1. Sonya, I love the "expect more if your breathing", ain't that the truth. I found you by way of "Seeded Buzz" and then saw that you are a fellow Flyer. I found it difficult to keep up and am still reading to this day. What a wonderful power-packed ecourse. Anyway, love your blog and all the posts about your ranch and shed studio! I'm a follower now!

    Sending a smile from Oregon, Chris aka ArtPlay


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