The Planner N me

The wheatgrass totally set off a green them for me for spring/summer 2010, but stop I already decided to paint the interior of the little ranch white. Since I have more time than money ... I picked up a few things yesterday with my FREE $5 gift card from WallyWorld, thats right one free gift card n the mail box, just for, you guessed it little ole me, was I run n? Yes. The hooks I stalked at the Pier and the crock is now on clearance at Tarjae for about $6. The vintage milk glass vase I found N my attic, a collection of 5, that belonged to my dear Mother. The candle holder is spray painted Home Interior from decades ago. After all the work is done and Oct 1 comes, I'll be ready for the winter blues ... I found some great cheap curtains at Freds of all places. Gotto go it is time to start paint n.


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