All in one day-It ain't about ME, it ain't for ME

Today is this hour I know without one doubt, my life, my presence on this earth just ain't about me. The youngest of four this is so hard to admit. My yesterdays were about Claudia, Tammy, Tracy and this precious unborn child. My yesterdays and tomorrows are about being present and being quiet. Quiet so that I may here from GOD. Quiet so that when I speak, others might listen as Tracy did when I called him yesterday at 8 AM. In a businesslike manner I informed him that GOD had told me to tell him to make wreaths, that’s right wreaths for Christmas, to sell, to support his new family. In my arrogance I told Tracy to use wire hangers as the form to support the wreaths. I know nothing, I am nothing but GOD knows Tracy. Tracy shows up hours later with the most beautiful wreaths I have ever seen. He made them without wire hangers. Tracy's land in the country now has a name and this new business of his has a blog. His land will now be called Vella Farms and his business Vella Creations and with GOD beginnings there is always more. Thank You GOD for using me. If you want to see natural, fresh, beautiful wreaths, click on this link

Since it ain't about ME, it must be about Bob and Connie. I can not wait to complete what we have started.

With much Love SonyaLa

I will give you one heart and a new Spirit; I will take from you your hearts of stone and give you tender hearts of love for your God.

Ezekiel 11:19 TLB


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