A Pumpkin Tree & Virtual Studio Tour

Welcome to my studio. This is where I create. What I create is based on GOD. Most days I am his worker. I enjoy photographing his children and creating things on paper and on the Web.

It is almost Halloween. I can't say this is something we celebrate, but this year I created a Pumpkin Tree, just for FUN.

This is part of the north wall of the studio.

This is half of my huge tackboard. I made it out of soundboard from Lowes. It measure 9 X 4. So much room for inspiration.

Many resources are housed in these two large bookcases. I love to read.

This is me working at my very old Apple computer, which is loaded with Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark software.


  1. Hi Sonya,
    Thank you for visiting me and taking the time to comment. I love stalking studios too. It's so fun to see how others set up their spaces.
    Have a great day. Happy Fall to you.


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