Welcome to my studio! I'm a girl in transition, currently I'm busy designing magazines, logos, and graphics while finding my writing voice via blogging here and there. This is where I work everyday. It's less than 250 sq. feet and I call it my little shed to studio conversion. I took this space hostage in 2009 for a birthday present to myself. I rescued it from the bikes, lawn equipment and other nameless useless, stuff. I chose this space because it is outside of our home and as a single Mother, it's a bit easier to stop and start work, with the ease of locking a door for the evening or day. 

and then there was light ... These doors, came much later for so much less than FREE and they are my favorite joy in this little space. I also love how this little work space is close to the laundry in the garage, just in case, I need to get a load done while working on a project or two.

This is my over sized inspiration board, I made it from soundboard found at Lowe's, It measures four feet wide by eight feet long. You gotta just love it, when a project like this comes together.

This is computer center. It takes me two apple computers and one PC laptop to create a magazine, you never know, when your trusty mac, might just lock up caused you failed to keep your desktop clean.

I am a lover of all things textile and this antique Bolivian poncho hangs behind my desk.  Such a nice jolt of color first thing in the AM.

This is the art side of the studio , with a very large and very tall work table. I'm more productive when I'm standing

I got really board with my bookshelves, this past spring and covered the backs with oil cloth.

This is message and quick file central.

Then it's back outside to the house for more coffee!


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