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From the Attic 2 the Wall

This mourning I woke up still full of Thanksgiving for this box and the nudge to buy the domain for the E-book I've been working on this week ... Blogging Revelations ... I was sure surprised to find a sale at GoDaddy, I was able to snag this domain for less than $8.00. WOW!

 that's my Daddy, the tall, dark & handsome teacher
Four years ago today, I lost my Daddy. He was the most wonderful Dad in the world, one who allowed us all to see him just as he was, imperfections and all. What a blessed childhood me and my two brothers and sister had. Thanks to the unshakable faith and dreams of this man, I so lovingly call Daddie. Our family documents and photos had been in storage for the last four years and this week the box was released and yesterday with love and forgiveness ... we watch hours of family dinners, birthdays and more. What a special blessing technology is. My daughter got to see her name sake via video!

My Dad was a career military man, a mechanic, a teacher, a man of honor a man of service. The United States Air Force sent our Dad to Europe, when I was about eighteen months old (so the story goes) and we went with him. We lived in a french trailer for our first year or so. Then we moved, to Mildenhall England where we lived in a dream chalet, we picnicked in the fields by day and played on spiral stair cases by night. My brothers and sister attended school during the day as well but I was just a bit to young to go.

My days of knitting with my Mother and her Wives Club friends are some of the sweetest childhood memories I have. When we packed the container to move back to the states, all of my Mother's Wives Club friends gifted her with precious British antiques & I inherited one of them with the death of my Dad, an antique clock, which was stored in my attic until today when I spied Beth's Do What You Love art and creative enterprise retreat. Just a few moments later I learned that the town of Meldenhall is around 150 mile from Yorkshire (the location of the retreat). I met Beth during Kelly Rae's first online e-class (which is now an E-book). It was during Kelly's class, that I first began to allow myself to dream out loud about returning to England, to the place or even the ground where all those women loved and supported my Mother and me. So, we're dreaming BIG over here and we're dreaming OUT loud ... so you can here me. 

In honer of my parents love and their dream to live and raise a family abroad ... I climbed the stairs to the attic, grab the hands of old man time and hung em on my very wall ... cause I too can dream BIG, just as my parents did. Are you DreamN BIG?  


  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing about your parents and your life abroad. How nice that you have all these things from your childhood that bring back the good memories. And hey, why shouldn't you return to England???

  2. I love this post! How touching this story is. I hope you make your dreams come true. Go back to England! Just do it!

  3. keep dreaming and speaking it out loud.
    thanks for sharing, I had goose bumps.
    I hope you have your passport ready to go!

  4. Oh, wonderful post! I love your story and I have no doubt you will get to England. Keep dreaming big! Thanks for joining the Mortal Muse blog hop.

  5. What a lovely story... this is a wonderful post! Keep up the dreaming!! I am dreaming of going to Europe myself ~ it will be my first time going... Stopping by from the blog hop. :)

  6. This amazing story gave me goosebumps Sonya. I am wishing hard that you can make it over to England and join us for the retreat. It would be even more special after hearing that story

  7. What a great memories that clock hold for you. I hopw you get back there, to England.

  8. beautiful post Sonya - it makes you really think about how important your parents are and not to take them for granted!

  9. Sonya this is such a beautiful post I had goosebumps too! I love that you're dreaming BIG. You inspire.

    I am a keeper of old family photos and documents too, they are so very special. Special indeed.



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